I am Ninja…Eat my Food?

We didn’t know what to expect. Navigating our way through the Akasaka district of Tokyo, we nearly missed the entrance, as it was nothing more than a small black door against a large black façade. Our only clue was the elegantly dressed man standing out front, clipboard in hand. Nervously I approached and attempted my best Japanese greeting: “Konbanwa.” Good evening.  Maybe it was my … Continue reading I am Ninja…Eat my Food?

The Tokyo Layover: 48 Hours to See it All

Alex and I are overjoyed that just a few months after moving to Japan we already have a line of guests coming to stay. But with these visits, come responsibilities. Sure, we need to clean the house and change the bed linens. But beyond that, we have an obligation to make sure that our friends and family see as much as they can during their … Continue reading The Tokyo Layover: 48 Hours to See it All

Kyoto: Keeping History Alive

Well, we finally made it to Kyoto. I’ve been waiting since the day we arrived in Japan to experience this magnificent city. The capital for almost a thousand years, Kyoto is brimming with Shinto shrines, obsessively manicured gardens, and traditional teahouses… not to mention the elusive geisha. Spared the bombings of World War II, Kyoto boasts prewar architecture, which makes it both culturally significant and … Continue reading Kyoto: Keeping History Alive

The Souvenir Shelf: From Tacky to Classy

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have amazing parents who encouraged and supported my journeys across the globe, and I’m married to a like-minded man, similarly bitten by the travel bug. While we’ve already been so many places, our bucket list is still a mile long and growing. When you travel as much as we do, however, things can begin to run … Continue reading The Souvenir Shelf: From Tacky to Classy