The Chrysanthemum Throne

Like many Americans, I love all things royal, however un-American that may seem.Whether I’m reading about Henry VIII’s doomed wives, Juana la Loca’s heartbreaking spiral toward insanity, or Kate Middleton’s latest fashion faux pas (of which there are few), I am hooked. Monarchies, past or present, captivate me. They act as rare links to bygone days, while posing the difficult question of what’s to come … Continue reading The Chrysanthemum Throne

Are You Feeling Lucky?

New Years in Japan is different than the raucous party holiday we celebrate in the States. It’s more like Thanksgiving or Christmas: a time for families. Generations gather to ring in the coming year, which certainly makes more sense than masses of strangers standing in the freezing cold to watch an oversized disco ball. Instead, midnight brings the peals of Buddhist temple bells across the … Continue reading Are You Feeling Lucky?

Tokyo Drift: Go-Kart Edition

Newly licensed in Japan, Alex and I were ready for our first test-drive. And what better way than a real-life Mario Kart adventure through the streets of Tokyo? That’s right, with less than three minutes of instruction and dressed in ridiculous costumes, we zoomed around Japan’s capital in tiny go-karts, bobbing and weaving our way through the thick traffic. A pretty cool way to celebrate … Continue reading Tokyo Drift: Go-Kart Edition

House Hunters International

My husband and I occasionally succumb to the draw of HGTV. Late at night, while snuggled in our bed, pillows acting as a cocoon, we sit together and find ourselves entranced for hours as the episodes tick by, watching the over-expectant house hunters search and search for the perfect place. We laugh together as silly first-time buyers ramble off a wish list one mile long … Continue reading House Hunters International