Are You Feeling Lucky?

New Years in Japan is different than the raucous party holiday we celebrate in the States. It’s more like Thanksgiving or Christmas: a time for families. Generations gather to ring in the coming year, which certainly makes more sense than masses of strangers standing in the freezing cold to watch an oversized disco ball. Instead, midnight brings the peals of Buddhist temple bells across the … Continue reading Are You Feeling Lucky?

I-“MURSE” Yourself in Japanese Style

I’ve noticed an astounding trend here in Japan: the man purse. They’re ubiquitous. Every man I see taking the train or walking down the street has some form of bag. There are the usual suspects: messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases. But also full-on purses made of black or brown leather that would make any woman swoon. I’m particularly attracted to the shoulder sling, which looks like … Continue reading I-“MURSE” Yourself in Japanese Style