Airport A-Peril

I am always astounded by how people choose to dress. The website “People of Walmart” proves that Americans are willing to wear just about anything in public. And, in my recent experience, the airport is no exception. I realize that the glamorous days of flight are over. Stewardesses no longer parade around the cabin in fitted suits and excessively high heels. And, thankfully, weight restrictions … Continue reading Airport A-Peril

I-“MURSE” Yourself in Japanese Style

I’ve noticed an astounding trend here in Japan: the man purse. They’re ubiquitous. Every man I see taking the train or walking down the street has some form of bag. There are the usual suspects: messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases. But also full-on purses made of black or brown leather that would make any woman swoon. I’m particularly attracted to the shoulder sling, which looks like … Continue reading I-“MURSE” Yourself in Japanese Style