Allowed to be an American

Eight months after moving to Japan, I’ve made a monumental decision: it is okay to be an American. I’m allowed to put sushi and ramen on-hold once in a while and enjoy a nice burger instead. I don’t have to wear heavy sweaters in the heat of summer or exclusively drink matcha. My shopping needn’t be restricted to Japanese brands that don’t fit my hips, … Continue reading Allowed to be an American

The Fuji Experience: 10 Things to Know Before the Climb

Walking Stick You start the climb at the 5th Station, where you will find restaurants, souvenir shops, and bathrooms. Generally things here are over-priced and cheesy. But I urge you to stop in and buy a traditional walking stick. Not only will you be glad you have it for the climb, but you will love it as a souvenir. Every station features one or more … Continue reading The Fuji Experience: 10 Things to Know Before the Climb

Raohe Ramblings: A Taiwanese Tradition

Take a walk with me as we journey through the Raohe Night Market in Taipei. Feel the crowd closing in, each step you take an effort to push through the busy street. Enjoy the stark contrast of neon against the evening sky. Listen to the symphony of sounds that assault you; a chorus of Taiwanese vendors shouting their wares, titillated tourists giggling gaily, and raw … Continue reading Raohe Ramblings: A Taiwanese Tradition

Kyoto: Keeping History Alive

Well, we finally made it to Kyoto. I’ve been waiting since the day we arrived in Japan to experience this magnificent city. The capital for almost a thousand years, Kyoto is brimming with Shinto shrines, obsessively manicured gardens, and traditional teahouses… not to mention the elusive geisha. Spared the bombings of World War II, Kyoto boasts prewar architecture, which makes it both culturally significant and … Continue reading Kyoto: Keeping History Alive